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Finding fine wine - Best wines of the world online

We have filtered out the really good wines from all of the world. Extensive research on sommelier level and our commercial independence guarantee that only wines, that we believe reach high standards, are included. Easy to search for the wines by origin, style of wine or name guided by sommelier principles. Requires membership. Membership fees finance our work. We also offer cellaring advice assessing quality and cellaring capability of wines

What is fine wine?

Wine with high intensity of aromas and taste, often with complex aromas. Fruit, sweetness, tannins, acidity and alcohol are well balanced in an apparent structure. Possible wood characteristics are well integrated. Good length and enjoyable aftertaste. Obvious expression of grape variety and growth place, so called terroir. Fine wines fulfil these criterias to different extents.

Example of fine wine

Merus Cabernet Sauvignon

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